About Vika

This is Vika.

Librarian. Liverpudlian. Live in Bandung.

100 things about me…:

1. My full name is Vika Annasthasya Kovariansi. Most of people mis-spelled my middle name.

2. My height is 150 cm, with weight..( I prefer not to tell you P )

3. I’m very greatful to have a the chance to become a mother and I’m enjoying it.

4. I’m the oldest child in my family, and I have two brothers.

5. I work as a Librarian.

6. I’m a Liverpudlian and I’m falling in love with Liverpool FC.

7. My favorite number is 7, since I was born on the date of 7.

8. I gave birth to my son in the middle of the night, at 00.15 o’clock D

9. I’m trying hard to lose several of my weight but somehow it never works. D

10. I have always tried to see positive things beyond everything that happens to me, but when I’m feeling down, it’s so damn hard …

11. I have one dark secret that only few people knows about that.

12. I have always want to do sports, like swimming or badminton, but sometimes.. I just don’t have the time… (

13. I can be stubborn sometimes, and egoistic, and self centered…

14. I have a piano course when I was little, and I can still play them, a bit D

15. I like watching movies a lot. I collect some of them in my home.

16. I like reading novels. especially fiction and fairy tale.

17. I have always wanted to go Europe. Maybe England (especially Anfield) or Finland (home of Kimi Raikkonen). D

18. I’m a fan of Kimi Raikkonen. Hopefully he read this and send me some of his photos… D

19. I can not hide my feelings. People will always know it only by looking at my face. But I always try to show smiling faces even though I have problems in my mind.

20. I like jokes, and humorous people, but I do know when I had to be serious.

21. I like the color of red, blue, and black.

22. I prefer to wear T-shirts and sport shoes rather than a formal dress, but I can look like a lady sometimes D

23. I like organizing things. I guess I’m well organized person.

24. I think I’m not a religious person, but I’m trying to be.

25. I’m an easy going person but I also like to say things straight right to the point.

26. I like to chat with others.

27. Actually I hate when I see a man cheating on his lady or wife or girlfriend, but I don’t like to mind with other people business anyway..

28. I like any kind of music. Rock n’ Roll, jazz, classics, pop, anything.

29. I do believe in true love and I think I have already found it.

30. My mother is someone that I adore so much. Her patience makes me really amaze and proud.

31. Sometimes I can be a very patience person, but when I feel I lost it, I prefer to keep my mouth shut.

32. I have a round face and chubby cheek. (according to my friends D )

33. I like cool guy. I think they a little bit mysterious. P

34. When I was a child I wanted to be a marine biologist, but in the end I become a librarian instead.

35. I love foods made from egg and pastas. I also like milk and yoghurt a lot.

36. I like taking risk in my life. I like challenge.

37. I love playing puzzle game.

38. I love watching soccer game.

39. I started to collect stamps when I was 9.

40. I have anemia.

41. I hate clowns. They are frightening.

42. I hate insects. especially cocroaches.

43. I often asked for advices (by my friends) whenever they got problems.

44. My favorite pet was a cat. I got one when I was 1. His name was Hunter.

45. I started wear jilbab when I was 16.

46. I have always wanted to drive a car or motorcycle, but I guess I would never allowed to.

47. But strangely, I have had a driving license. (SIM A, 1999-2004)

48. I never drive my own car, that’s because I never had one.

49. I prefer to go to beach or mountains for holiday.

50. I can easily get cold or sick if I don’t get 6 hours of sleep.

51. I was a member of vocal group when I’m in high school. (hmmm…)

52. It takes a great effort to make this list, since I only have so little time to do it. (huehehehe… sok sibuk…) It takes almost 2 months.

53. I can move my ears without touching it.

54. I want to have a master degree on Library and Information Science, someday maybe.

55. I’m not really good in cooking.

56. I have almost register to medical school but I canceled it. It needs a lot of money apparently.

57. I like to help other people when they are in trouble.

58. I guess I’m a sensitive person at some point.

59. I have always tried to be nice to everyone.

60. I don’t like to cheat on anyone and I don’t like to be cheated.

61. I can speak in Indonesian, English, Sundanese. but I understand Javanese a bit.

62. When I was 4, I got lost in Ratu Plaza. Can you imagine how panic my mom was?

63. I have lived in 4 different town. Jakarta, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.

64. And I have lived in Bandung for almost 20 years.

65. When I was 5, I fell from my bike and hurt my (right) knee but luckily it didn’t have to be stitched.

66. I have almost hit a person when I was learning to drive a car. (kacouwww.. D )

67. I smoked cigarettes once, but I quited after a week. It tasted very bad.

68. I Love peace. Prefer not to start a fight unless if I have to.

69. Lived with “forgiven not forgotten” way of life. D

70. I don’t like to take revenge on someone even they have hurt me. (err.. maybe under certain circumstances…)

71. I rarely judge people by their appearance. Cause I don’t like to be judged by my appearance either.

72. I’m not a romantic person, but I can be full of understanding.

73. I wear glasses sometimes.

74. I have always wanted to coloured my hair. (maybe Blue..? )

75. I don’t believe in coincidence, cause I believe everything that happens in this world is a God’s will.

76. I’m a realistic person. Always accept the reality just the way it is.

77. I have never been abroad. that’s why I don’t have a passport. P

78. I have never go anywhere by an airplane.

79. I used to listen to music when I’m working or studying.

80. I have never wanted to have tattoo. D

81. Almost forgot, I was born on April, and that makes me Aries.

82. I’m a quite independent person. Prefer to do everything by myself except if I’m not capable of it.

83. I don’t really care what people say about me. especially if they talk nonsense. I feel good about myself. But I thanks for those who critizise me in a positive way.

84. I’m not a perfectionist, but I always try do the best in everything I do.

85. I learned few martial art, but it was a long time a ago. Such as Kungfu (only last 2 years) when I was 8, Hikmatul Iman (only last 6 months) when I was 15, and Merpati Putih (only last 6 months) when I was 20.

86. My last name “Kovariansi” is actually came from Statistics terms, but I kinda forget what it’s mean.

87. Sometimes I can feel very lonely although I’m in the crowd at the moment.

88. I don’t easily open my self to others. Sometimes I keep my problems on my own.

89. I don’t like to compare my son to someone else’s son. I think every child is unique.

90. I’m right-handed.

91. I like to do things in practical way. Effective and efficient. (gitu aja kok repot…? D )

92. My family is everything to me. I would give my life if I have to.

93. My blood type is O. (tapi belum pernah mendonorkan darah karena selalu dilarang oleh petugasnya… gara-gara low blood pressure cenah mah… )

94. I can keep secrets. (menjunjung tinggi hal yang dinamakan “kepercayaan”). That is why I hate “betrayal” so much.

95. I believe that every single person have their own reasons and experiences to make decisions on their life. I won’t push anyone to take my advice.

96. I’m not feminist. Wanita dan pria adalah sejajar, dengan hak dan kewajibannya masing-masing.

97. I like children. Malah sempet kepikiran pengen punya usaha tempat penitipan anak. D

98. I don’t easily express my feelings around people. So, please forgive me kalo terkadang tanggapan yang diberikan “nyaris” datar-datar aja. D Tapi bukan berarti tidak perhatian lho…

99. I like being different that others. I can accept myself just that way I am. I love being me.

100. Kreatip, Inopatip, Produktip, Sportip, Aktip, Sip lah…. D

Maybe you think you know me, but maybe you don’t know me at all…

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