100 things about me..

Posted on June 11, 2008


Terinspirasi dari adik ku yang “baik hati dan tidak sombong” itu, yang secara halus telah menyuruh untuk bikin 100 things about me…

So here we go…

100 things about me…:
1. My full name is Vika Annasthasya Kovariansi. Most of people mis-spelled my middle name.

2. My height is 150 cm, with weight..( I prefer not to tell you 😛 )

3. I’m very greatful to have a the chance to become a mother and I’m enjoying it.

4. I’m the oldest child in my family, and I have two brothers.

5. I work as a Librarian.

6. I’m a Liverpudlian and I’m falling in love with Liverpool FC.

7. My favorite number is 7, since I was born on the date of 7.

8. I gave birth to my son in the middle of the night, at 00.15 o’clock 😀

9. I’m trying hard to lose several of my weight but somehow it never works. 😀

10. I have always tried to see positive things beyond everything that happens to me, but when I’m feeling down, it’s so damn hard …

11. I have one dark secret that only few people knows about that.

12. I have always want to do sports, like swimming or badminton, but sometimes.. I just don’t have the time… 😦

13. I can be stubborn sometimes, and egoistic, and self centered…

14. I have a piano course when I was little, and I can still play them, a bit 😀

15. I like watching movies a lot. I collect some of them in my home.

16. I like reading novels. especially fiction and fairy tale.

17. I have always wanted to go Europe. Maybe England (especially Anfield) or Finland (home of Kimi Raikkonen). 😀

18. I’m a fan of Kimi Raikkonen. Hopefully he read this and send me some of his photos… 😀

19. I can not hide my feelings. People will always know it only by looking at my face. But I always try to show smiling faces even though I have problems in my mind.

20. I like jokes, and humorous people, but I do know when I had to be serious.

21. I like the color of red, blue, and black.

22. I prefer to wear T-shirts and sport shoes rather than a formal dress, but I can look like a lady sometimes 😀

23. I like organizing things. I guess I’m well organized person.

24. I think I’m not a religious person, but I’m trying to be.

25. I’m an easy going person but I also like to say things straight right to the point.

26. I like to chat with others.

27. Actually I hate when I see a man cheating on his lady or wife or girlfriend, but I don’t like to mind with other people business anyway..

28. I like any kind of music. Rock n’ Roll, jazz, classics, pop, anything.

29. I do believe in true love and I think I have already found it.

30. My mother is someone that I adore so much. Her patience makes me really amaze and proud.

31. Sometimes I can be a very patience person, but when I feel I lost it, I prefer to keep my mouth shut.

32. I have a round face and chubby cheek. (according to my friends 😀 )

33. I like cool guy. I think they a little bit mysterious. 😛

34. When I was a child I wanted to be a marine biologist, but in the end I become a librarian instead.

35. I love foods made from egg and pastas. I also like milk and yoghurt a lot.

36. I like taking risk in my life. I like challenge.

37. I love playing puzzle game.

38. I love watching soccer game.

39. I started to collect stamps when I was 9.

40. I have anemia.

41. I hate clowns. They are frightening.

42. I hate insects. especially cocroaches.

43. I often asked for advices (by my friends) whenever they got problems.

44. My favorite pet was a cat. I got one when I was 1. His name was Hunter.

45. I started wear jilbab when I was 16.

46. I have always wanted to drive a car or motorcycle, but I guess I would never allowed to.

47. But strangely, I have had a driving license. (SIM A, 1999-2004)

48. I never drive my own car, that’s because I never had one.

49. I prefer to go to beach or mountains for holiday.

50. I can easily get cold or sick if I don’t get 6 hours of sleep.

51. I was a member of vocal group when I’m in high school. (hmmm…)

52. It takes a great effort to make this list, since I only have so little time to do it. (huehehehe… sok sibuk…) It takes almost 2 months.

53. I can move my ears without touching it.

54. I want to have a master degree on Library and Information Science, someday maybe.

55. I’m not really good in cooking.

56. I have almost register to medical school but I canceled it. It needs a lot of money apparently.

57. I like to help other people when they are in trouble.

58. I guess I’m a sensitive person at some point.

59. I have always tried to be nice to everyone.

60. I don’t like to cheat on anyone and I don’t like to be cheated.

61. I can speak in Indonesian, English, Sundanese. but I understand Javanese a bit.

62. When I was 4, I got lost in Ratu Plaza. Can you imagine how panic my mom was?

63. I have lived in 4 different town. Jakarta, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.

64. And I have lived in Bandung for almost 20 years.

65. When I was 5, I fell from my bike and hurt my (right) knee but luckily it didn’t have to be stitched.

66. I have almost hit a person when I was learning to drive a car. (kacouwww..:D )

67. I smoked cigarettes once, but I quited after a week. It tasted very bad.

68. I Love peace. Prefer not to start a fight unless if I have to.

69. Lived with “forgiven not forgotten” way of life. 😀

70. I don’t like to take revenge on someone even they have hurt me. (err.. maybe under certain circumstances…)

71. I rarely judge people by their appearance. Cause I don’t like to be judged by my appearance either.

72. I’m not a romantic person, but I can be full of understanding.

73. I wear glasses sometimes.

74. I have always wanted to coloured my hair. (maybe Blue..? )

75. I don’t believe in coincidence, cause I believe everything that happens in this world is a God’s will.

76. I’m a realistic person. Always accept the reality just the way it is.

77. I have never been abroad. that’s why I don’t have a passport. 😛

78. I have never go anywhere by an airplane.

79. I used to listen to music when I’m working or studying.

80. I have never wanted to have tattoo. 😀

81. Almost forgot, I was born on April, and that makes me Aries.

82. I’m a quite independent person. Prefer to do everything by myself except if I’m not capable of it.

83. I don’t really care what people say about me. especially if they talk nonsense. I feel good about myself. But I thanks for those who critizise me in a positive way.

84. I’m not a perfectionist, but I always try do the best in everything I do.

85. I learned few martial art, but it was a long time a ago. Such as Kungfu (only last 2 years) when I was 8, Hikmatul Iman (only last 6 months) when I was 15, and Merpati Putih (only last 6 months) when I was 20.

86. My last name “Kovariansi” is actually came from Statistics terms, but I kinda forget what it’s mean.

87. Sometimes I can feel very lonely although I’m in the crowd at the moment.

88. I don’t easily open my self to others. Sometimes I keep my problems on my own.

89. I don’t like to compare my son to someone else’s son. I think every child is unique.

90. I’m right-handed.

91. I like to do things in practical way. Effective and efficient. (gitu aja kok repot…? 😀 )

92. My family is everything to me. I would give my life if I have to.

93. My blood type is O. (tapi belum pernah mendonorkan darah karena selalu dilarang oleh petugasnya… gara-gara low blood pressure cenah mah… )

94. I can keep secrets. (menjunjung tinggi hal yang dinamakan “kepercayaan”). That is why I hate “betrayal” so much.

95. I believe that every single person have their own reasons and experiences to make decisions on their life. I won’t push anyone to take my advice.

96. I’m not feminist. Wanita dan pria adalah sejajar, dengan hak dan kewajibannya masing-masing.

97. I like children. Malah sempet kepikiran pengen punya usaha tempat penitipan anak. 😀

98. I don’t easily express my feelings around people. So, please forgive me kalo terkadang tanggapan yang diberikan “nyaris” datar-datar aja. 😀 Tapi bukan berarti tidak perhatian lho…

99. I like being different that others. I can accept myself just that way I am. I love being me.

100. Kreatip, Inopatip, Produktip, Sportip, Aktip, Sip lah…. 😀

Akhirnya…. 😀

Maybe you think you know me, but maybe you don’t know me at all…

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