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Posted on May 19, 2008


Thoughts Of Love
by Nicole

Love is forgiving
Even though it is hard to forget
Holding hands and never wanting to let go
Hoping that tomorrow will be as wonderful as today
Sharing secrets in a star- spangled night
And most importantly love is knowing
That you will never be lonely again

What Love Is
by Karin Schaefer

It is Love that gives me purpose
to change and grow and learn.
It is Love that guides me on this path
and helps me choose each turn.

It is Love that gives me courage
to stand against my fears;
to open up my heart to you,
to let you see my tears.

It is Love that gives me trust and hope
when little thing go wrong.
When distance stands between us,
it is Love that keeps me strong.

It is Love that offers harmony
and a friendship that is true.
How wonderful that I can share
a Love like this with you!

You Are
by Heather Lynn

You are the one who warms my heart
and fills my soul
You are the love of my life,
the one who makes me whole.
You are the man of my dreams,
all that I desire
You are a sweet fantasy
that sets my heart afire.
You are the one who completes me,
one sent from above
You are my one and only
you are… my eternal love

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