Era Don Welsh dan Phil Taylor

Posted on May 2, 2008


Don Welsh (1951-1956)

Honours Won : –

Don Welsh succeeded George Kay as Liverpool manager in 1951. He had played for Liverpool during the Second World War as a guest, and had also won the FA Cup with Charlton in 1947. Unfortunately for Welsh, he inherited a team that was coming to the end of its time. After spending on some new players such as Alan A’Court, Welsh could not prevent the team from sliding down the table and into relegation for the first time in over 50 years.

Liverpool almost made it back to Division 1 in 1956. However despite that close result, Welsh was not to be given another chance and was sacked in 1956 to be replaced by Phil Taylor.

Phil Taylor (1956-1959)

Honours Won : –

Phil Taylor took over as Liverpool boss in 1956 after the sacking of Don Welsh. He was immediately given the task of leading Liverpool to promotion back to Division 1. Taylor soon found the pressure of getting Liverpool back into the top division almost intolerable. The club finished third in 1957 and a fourth place followed that in 1958.

In January 1959 Liverpool suffered their most humiliating defeat when they were knocked out of the FA Cup by non-League Worcester City. That was one of the suspects that hastened Taylor’s departure from the manager’s office in November that year.

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